BMS Board for iPhone Battery – ALL Collection

Welcome to the channel of a professional manufacturer for battery protection circuit boards. As you can see, we have all models for iPhone battery from iPhone 5 to iPhone XS Max. So in this video we’re gonna to display each board for different iPhone batteries. You will be able to check every details on the […]

Look Close Our XR42 Battery Protection Board

As a reliable manufacturer specializing in designing and producing battery protection boards, we custom many boards for worldwide customers. In this video, we will show you one of our customized board, model XR42. And we will also take you around the automated SMT assembly manufacturing process. Products recommended in this video: Protection Circuit Board XR42: […]

How to change the aftermarket battery for iPhone 11 Pro?

We’re a manufacture producing all kinds of bms board for mobile batteries. in this video, we’ll show you how to attach the board onto battery cell manually. After that, one of our engineer will assemble the battery into a iPhone 11 Pro. If you’re looking for battery protection board, we will be the best choice. […]