Custom your required specifications

For ODM projects, we have 10,000+ standard models that you can select from. If you don’t have your own design, you can do midifications on the basis of our existing design. We can make your required specifications and components to suit your battery.

ISO:9001 ODM Manufacturer

custom your required specifications

Our engineers are focusing on global market trends and demands, making every effort to design products which will bring values to our customers. 


We can custom all the specifications you need, including:

  • Over charge protection voltage

  • Over charge release voltage

  • Over discharge protection voltage

  • Over discharge release voltage

  • Over current for charge protection

  • Over current for discharge protection

  • Power consumption of protection circuit

  • Full Charge Capacity

Factory-Direct Wholesale

We have lots of standard designs that you can select from. We can ODM your required specs and components on the basis of our design to save your project time.

100% Protect your battery
extend battery life

Over-charge protection

over-discharge protection

over-current protection

short-circuit protection

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