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for your BMS boards

Design your required battery protection boards from zero to one. 

Custom Protection Boards for your battery

We take pride in our ability to customize the designs of our clients to the last detail. KURUI is a widely respected OEM manufacturer, and we offer a wide variety of BMS protection boards designs that our clients may select from.

Understand your needs

We will discuss your requirements about specifications, functions, original materials, components and board layout, etc.


Design your boards

After knowing your needs, our engineer will make PCB drawing and data sheet for you to confirm. We will offer Gerber file and BOM list for inspection. 

Source your components

After design confirmed, we will source required ICs, resistor, capacitor, connector, etc. All components will be stored in sealed packages.

Make your prototype

When material and components are ready, we will make prototype samples of battery protection boards for you to check the quality.

Prototype Steps

Here’s the brief steps showing how we will make the boards from start.

Design PCB

PCB Fabrication

PCB Assembly

Prototype Testing

Endless Possibilities In OEM

With 13 years experiences in designing and manufacturing BMS battery protection boards, we are confident that we’re capable of producing any BMS boards our customer required.

Automatic Printing

Automatic Solder Paste machine will print solder paste on the bare printed circuit boards. The function is to connect components on the board. This process is crucial for the quality of soldering the electronic components to the board. Manufacturers use stencils to control solder paste printing in order to ensure that the paste is perfectly printed. An incorrect stencil will cause the solder to short and will result in empty solder during soldering. 

Automatic SMD Mounter

Automated picking and placement of the SMDs on the PCB, using a machine that holds the PCB, and places the components precisely where they belong. This makes the manufacturing process much more efficient. By using a robotic arm, the process can be performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Robotics reduces the likelihood of error and supports round-the-clock production. Components are put where they are supposed to go. XY coordinates of the components are provided through a Pick and Place file.

Reflow Soldering

Using a conveyor system, the boards are transported to a reflow oven, where the temperature inside the oven is higher than the melting point of the solder, melting the solder and ensuring the components are soldered correctly. In order to facilitate a successful soldering process, a board is preheated so that it can easily be soldered. The board then undergoes a thermal soak in which the flux in the solder paste is activated. A final step is to cool the board to harden the solder.

Automatic AOI

Auto AOI machine scan board surface via high-definition cameras. By using the built-in processing software of the computer, the capture image will be compared with the board parameters that have been entered in advance so that differences, abnormalities, or even errors can be clearly identified at any time. The whole process can be monitored at any second.

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