Custom Lithium Smart BMS Boards
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LiFePO4 BMS 16S 60A | UART
LiFePO4 BMS 4S 200A | UART | RS485
Lifepo4 BMS 20S 200A | UART
Li-ion BMS 13S 60A | UART | RS485

Custom your own boards?

We have designed and produced many protection boards for famous brands, you can check our cases here.

We are born to custom all your needs for a high quality protection boards from concept to real boards. You can rely on us to ensure the safety of your battery.

lithium bms board

Custom layout

We will make pcb layout drawing for you to check before you place any order to us.

Custom Specs

Any specs can be customized according to your requirements. We will make a datasheet for you to confirm.

Custom Components

To achieve your required specs and functions, we will source components to meet your needs. And we can use your nominated components as well.

Custom dimensions

Board dimensions can be made according to your drawings.

Custom Function

Make your required function to suit your battery and end applications.

Custom package

Make your package with your brand logo to obtain local markets.

lithium bms board
lithium bms board
lithium bms board

Buy BMS Protection Boards from Reliable Manufacturer

There are many factories producing PCB boards, however, few of them will produce battery protection boards only. We are the reliable manufacturer drsigning and producing BMS boards only. All our strength are focusing on protection boards for any kind of batteries.

Be the master of your own battery.

Professional teams to solve any problems you may have regarding battery protection boards. Quick design, quick prototype, quality guarantee, mass production, fast shipment, etc.

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