BMS Circuit Boards
For Battery Protection

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Li-ion BMS 3S 80A
LiFePO4 BMS 4S 15A
LiFePO4 BMS 4S 150A
Li-ion BMS 20S 50A
Li-ion BMS 28S 80A
Li-ion BMS 16S 30A
Li-ion BMS 32S 100A
6s bms board
Li-ion BMS 6S
lithium bms board
Li-ion BMS 6S OP4050
LiFePO4 BMS 16S 60A | UART
LiFePO4 BMS 4S 200A | UART | RS485
Lifepo4 BMS 20S 200A | UART
Li-ion BMS 13S 60A | UART | RS485

wide custom solutions

for your specific protection boards

board design

To ensure you have assembly options that will suit your needs, we can custom any required size for battery protection boards.

  • mini size for mobile battery
  • middle size for power tools battery
  • bigger size for power generator battery
data test

We can custom any specs you required to protect the battery and make them run in good conditions.

  • Over-charge protection 
  • Over-discharge protection
  • Voltage & current protection
R&D test

Make all your needed function and perform functional test to ensure all boards works perfectly for your devices.

  • power on delay time
  • power off delay time
  • bigger size for power generator battery
board layout

Custom single layer, double-sided layer, double layer, four layers, eight layers, up to twenty-four layers for you.

  • four layers board
  • eight layers board
  • twelve layers board
mobile battery charger board

Source the original branded components which works perfect in your required protection boards.

  • Protection ICs
  • Capacitors
  • Resistance components
KURUI Package

Custom your package with your brand logo and pack every item very carefully to avoid damages during delivery 

  • Custom your logo
  • Custom your package sizes
  • Custom your package materials

Custom Case Studies
For Famous Brands

We are supplying battery protection boards to 100+ famous brands from different countries. Regularly, the cooperation will start from PCB layout design and end with high-quality protection boards for their batteries.

Served Brands
Customized Boards
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Capacity Monthly

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want to ensure battery safety?

Any specifications can be customized according to your specific needs. We have expeienced engineering team who have strong skills in both circuit boards and batteries. 


Why Choose KURUI?

Providing innovative pre-designed products and services designed to streamline circuit boards supply chains and grow profits is the core of our business model. We can design, make, produce, store, and ship battery protection boards, and perform a lot more.

Factory direct

One-stop original manufacturer specialized in making battery protection boards

automatic smt assembly

Equip with highly advanced automatic machines to handle the important process

customization ability

Custom your required boards from concept to real product promptly

Affordable Prices

Reasonable price without comprising on quality and good services

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Wholesale Battery Protection Boards

ISO:9001 Manufacturer

We’re the leading manufacturer who are focusing on design and produce circuit boards to guarantee the safety of any kind batteries. We produce battery protection boards only to serve this unique demand. From concept to real boards, we offer one-stop solutions to worldwide customers.

  • One-stop solution factory
  • Design protection boards for widely applications
  • 1000+ standard products for famous brands
  • 30+ experienced engineers standing by 
  • 20+ professional sales to handle your orders
  • Advanced manufacturing workshop
  • Advanced supply chain management
  • Advanced production procedure management

Atomatic SMT Assembly

Equipped with modern advanced automatic machines in our SMT Assembly Production Line, we are capable of producing high precision and high standard battery protection boards for any electrical devices. Your order will be fulfilled promptly with high quality to help you obtain as much markets as possible. 

Auto Solder Paste Printing

Advanced YAMAHA machines producing high quality soler paste for your orders

Auto Reflow Soldering

Advanced YAMAHA machines producing high quality soler paste for your orders

Auto Pick And Place

Advanced YAMAHA machines producing high quality soler paste for your orders

Auto AOI Testing

Advanced YAMAHA machines producing high quality soler paste for your orders

PCB Design

Design your PCB from zero. Draw your Gerber file 

custom function

Custom your charge voltage, charge current, etc

Custom Components

Source required branded original components 

quick prototype

Make a prototype based on your needs quickly

Full Customization

Established in 2008, we have worked with many famous brands helping them to figure out their needs, design their unique battery protection boards, manufacture mass boards, and ship all items in time. We have the confidence to fulfill your orders perfectly. If you are looking for a reliable supplier for your current projects or your future projects, we will be your best choice. Contact us and start your first conversation with our team, we will provide what you really needs.

asked questions

We has been wholesaling battery protection boards for 12 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems, here are the most important concerns of our customers before closing the deal.

Depends on whether you want to do customization your battery protection boards or not, and also depends on the speed of customs clearance and logistics, but we can guarantee to ship regular battery protection boards in less than 7 business days, and ship customized prototypes not more than 12 business days.

Since we have an independent design team(10+ members), we accept all forms of customization, you just give us ideas or even just a simple file, and we can manufacture your ideal battery protection boards from concept to reality.

In a word, China has a much better industry chain. There may be wholesalers of battery protection boards in India, Vietnam, and Malaysia, but KURUI can guarantee that our prices can be on par with theirs and our service far exceeds your expectations.

All Products with standard specifications are popular, but not every market is the same. For example, some India customers love battery protection boards for Xiaomi, so if you are planning to purchase them, it is best to ask our experienced consultants.

Refund depends on what issue we’re facing. If it’s our fault, we will take responsible for it. Please take records of the goods when you receive it in case we have to handle after-sale issues. Our team will provide the best solutions to solve yuor problems.

Yes, but it is better to wait until the epidemic subsides. Now we support using ZOOM or any other online meeting apps for real-time factory inspection.

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