BMS Board for iPhone Battery – ALL Collection

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Welcome to the channel of a professional manufacturer for battery protection circuit boards. As you can see, we have all models for iPhone battery from iPhone 5 to iPhone XS Max. So in this video we’re gonna to display each board for different iPhone batteries. You will be able to check every details on the board closely. Numbers, chips, capacitor, resistor and other components, all can be seen in the screen. There are screenshots of specification sheets inside the video. If any of them fit your needs, please contact us. We will provide full list of prices, specs sheet, bom lists and even samples for you as references. We can custom the board from zero to one according to your specific needs. Feel free to contact and get samples.

As for now, lithium-ion batteries are the most common and popular type of batteries. They should be closely monitored during charging and operating. That’s what battery protection circuit boards work for. There is high probability that the battery will fail if it is discharged below a certain point, just as it may fail when it is overcharged. Short circuit and overloads will result in similar damage. Under these conditions, the market come up with battery protection circuit to protect all batteries.

Making small battery protection circuit boards with thin tracks at home is rather challenging. However it can be outsourced to specialists in producing and assembling the board to save your time and money.



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