Battery Protection Boards P108 for Ryobi Power Tools

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Product PCM Datas

No. Item Specs Remark
1. Cell type Li-ion  18650
2. Rated Voltage 18V
3. Rated Current 3.0Ah
4. Charging Method CC/CV
5. Limited Charging Voltage 21V
6. Standard Charging Current 1.5A
7. Fast Charge Current 3A
8. Max Charging Current 5A Constant current charging
9. Resistant ≤62mΩ
10. Discharge Current 1.5A
11. high rate discharge 15A
12. Maximum discharge current Continuous 60A, pulse 195A
13. Discharge termination voltage 13.75V
Overcharge protection voltage  single cell 4.25V±0.025V
15. Overcharge protection recovery voltage  4.1V±0.025V
16. Over-discharge protection voltage single cell 2.7V±0.08V
17. Over-discharge protection recovery voltage  single cell 3.0V±0.08V
18. Charging high temperature protection  >60℃±2℃
19. Discharge overcurrent protection 1 ≥100A Delay 1S protection
20. Discharge overcurrent protection 2 ≥180A Delay 100mS protection
21. Short circuit protection ≥200A
22. Battery Indicator Electricity LED
23. >25%,<50%
24. >50%,<75%
25. >75%,<90%
26. 90% ~ 100%
27. Static power <50uA
28. working environment Charge:0~40℃


Max Humidity: 85%

29. Cycle life ≥300

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We’re the leading professional manufacturer specialized in designing and producing battery protection boards to guarantee the safety of any kind batteries. We produce battery protection boards only to serve this unique demand. From concept to real boards, we offer one-stop solutions to worldwide customers.

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We have more than 200 advanced SMT assembly machines to complete your order with high quality.

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Wide Custom Options for Your Unique BMS Boards

board design

To ensure you have assembly options that will suit your needs, we can custom any required size for battery protection boards.

  • mini size for mobile battery
  • middle size for power tools battery
  • bigger size for power generator battery
data test

We can custom any specs you required to protect the battery and make them run in good conditions.

  • Over-charge protection 
  • Over-discharge protection
  • Voltage & current protection
R&D test

Make all your needed function and perform functional test to ensure all boards works perfectly for your devices.

  • power on delay time
  • power off delay time
  • bigger size for power generator battery
board layout

Custom single layer, double-sided layer, double layer, four layers, eight layers, up to twenty-four layers for you.

  • four layers board
  • eight layers board
  • twelve layers board
mobile battery charger board

Source the original branded components which works perfect in your required protection boards.

  • Protection ICs
  • Capacitors
  • Resistance components
KURUI Package

Custom your package with your brand logo and pack every item very carefully to avoid damages during delivery 

  • Custom your logo
  • Custom your package sizes
  • Custom your package materials

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